One of the best things about my daily work experience at Knack is hearing customer appreciation of what Knack has to offer.

Another great thing about my daily work experience is observing that people of all ages, from children to seniors, appreciate the store and studio. That’s quite rare in retail.

While I am proud and grateful to receive compliments, I must, in turn, give thanks for Knack’s essential network of support.

Although I run the business by myself, Knack would not exist without its community. Except for consigned artist wares, the materials for sale and for studio use are donated by folks who wish to keep their no-longer-needed supplies out of the waste stream and who like the idea of an arts and crafts thrift store where shoppers can purchase materials for very reasonable prices.

An astonishing range of creative reuse materials regularly crosses Knack’s threshold. At this moment, even the glue sticks and acrylic paints in the workshop came from donations of crafting supplies. That’s pretty amazing.

I can’t do all the physical work of maintaining a 900-square-foot space by myself. Student interns from two local high schools visit once a week with their teachers, providing much-needed help with cleaning, sorting and organizing. Knack gets much-needed help; they get work experience. I also have adult volunteers who give their time, sometimes regularly, sometimes on an as-needed, or as-available, basis. I am very grateful for their assistance in keeping the store and studio running smoothly.

Thank you, customers, donors and volunteers!